Book Launch: Bruce Clark - July 1, 2019


Launching the e-book version!

Monday July 1 at 10am, in Lil'wat at the Ts'zil Learning Center, Istken Hall


Speaking their truths and supporting Bruce's book and his work on exposing the bias manifest in the Canadian judicial system are: Rosalin Sam and James Louie, of Lil'wat; Ron George, of Wet'suwt'en; Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, of Oneida, connecting with us from New Brunswick, and Dr. Bruce Clark, who will video conference from his home in Ottawa.

What people are saying about the book:

“Bruce Clark captures the issue with the title of this book. It may shock those who do not understand the connection between the  denial of Indigenous Peoples’ rights by the Canadian judiciary and the consequences of that denial, which amount to genocide, but the shock can only turn to shame as the reader follows the historical, legal, and constitutional record that prove his argument: the occupier's legal system seeks to erase indigenous national sovereignty.  

     This collection of essays shows how the legal system, which is supposed to provide order and justice to the people is, in fact, in the case of the indigenous nations, used to destroy peoples and their cultures, to create disorder and injustice. Although Clark relies on legal arguments and references to case law, the average lay person who is interested in the subject will be able to come to their own conclusions. Every student of law and politics, of indigenous rights and history should have a copy of this book. So should any citizen interested in Canada and its true character as an imperial power.”     

- Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer

“Justice is a concept that is higher than the self, thus Clark took on the establishment to seek justice for his Indigenous clients. In the end he was punished. Here, Clark presents the legal case for Indigenous sovereignty so the layperson can readily grasp the argument." 

- Kim Petersen, former editor of the Dissident Voice and Original Peoples section of the Dominion newspaper

"Bruce Clark's rigorous analysis of the genocidal unconstitutionality of Canada's treatment of the native peoples and appropriation of their land is a great service in the pursuit of truth and justice. The essays in this book document the abandonment by the legal establishment (judges and lawyers) of the principle of the rule of law, in the service of Empire. This provides needed insight about the current state of Canadian institutional integrity to all who seek a society that actually adheres to democratic and humanistic principles. 

- Joseph Hickey, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, Executive 

Director of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association

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Book Launch Video

Ron George, Wet'suwet'en, spoke out about the genocidal practice Canada engages in the Indian Act: making some people Non-Status Indians. He discusses this in his forthcoming EMP book, "The Fifth World."

Book Launch Video - Rosalin Sam

Rosalin Sam spoke out about the genocide at the book launch. She is a Lil'wat land defender, roadblocker, speaker, and advisor to the Statimc Chiefs Council. 

Book Launch Video - James Louie

Pautuqlasimc, James Louie, retraced his steps through international law to arrive at a case in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, IACHR-12-929, Edmonds v. Canada, which we hope will trigger the international duty to investigate genocide in countries where the judiciary are complicit in genocide. 

Audio - Dr. Roland Chrisjohn and Dr. Bruce Clark



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32388 Veterans Way, Abbotsford BC V2T 0B3 

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