Submissions + Proposals


Electromagnetic Print welcomes printed submissions and proposals. The focus of this publishing venture is in art, literature, politics, history and children's. The focus is expanding.

We are happy to review manuscripts, as well as discuss proposals for print and digital books. Collaborations can make projects possible, so proposals are welcome..

EMP will also be extending to productions in online audio and video media, and welcomes pitches for those media.

Please send a query via the "Contact" page, describing your proposal or manuscript, or via e-mail:

We will reply to you to confirm whether your work is a good match for EMP and go from there.

Emailed manuscripts may not be reviewed. If you wish your manuscript to be reviewed, send a hard copy by mail.


Mail your manuscript, cover letter, and previous publishing experience, to:


3086 Babich Street


British Columbia


V2S 5H7