The Fifth World


 The colonial war against Indigenous Peoples    is fought on many fronts: at home, on the land, in primary schools, in hospitals and universities, in court, and right inside the victims' own identities. 

The great Wet'suwet'en leader Gisdayway,      co-plaintiff in the famous 1997 Delgamuukw decision on Aboriginal title and rights in Canada, was not a "Status Indian." But he won recognition of Aboriginal title. Today, his lands are being crossed by pipeline access roads. His grandson Ron George (Tsaskiy) writes the history of his family's dispossession.

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Wolverine's Sovereignty


 "Collected Reflections, Essential Truths," will feature recollections of Wolverine, the Secwepemc traditionalist, by a diverse group of people. Wolverine influenced many by the wisdom and strength of his presence.

He is best known for repelling would-be trespassers on unceded, non-treaty Secwepemc territory, at Gustafsen Lake (near 100 Mile House, British Columbia) in 1995.

The collected writings will be a contribution to his enduring legacy, as well as a fundraising item to benefit his widow. It will be edited by Miranda Dick and Kerry Coast