Freedom in East Vancouver by Alan Fossen

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 Al Fossen has captured forever the East Van people and places of the 1980s and 90s. Al's essays and photos address the headlines of the end of the 20th century: racism, colonialism, fascism, and the modern capitalist state which fuels war and criminalizes the poor. 

       The beautiful portraits are proof positive of how resilient we are, how talented and diverse, and how determined on freedom.​  


Printed in Vancouver by East Van Graphics
110 full colour pages on silk 

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Printed in unceded Musqueam territory

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ISBN - 978-0-9959354-0-2

An excerpt from

from "Capitalism and the Environment"

In terms of waste production, consumption of energy and destruction of the environment, the automobile industrial complex ranks the top spot with its sister in crime, the petro-chemical industrial complex. These two complexes and the thousands of related spin-off industries constitute close to fifty percent of the economies of advanced industrial nations. The ever increasing amounts of resources and energy used in these two complexes cause immense ecological damage and impose a devastating cost to human health. Waste production is the number one characteristic of capitalism which is necessary only for profits – not social or human or environmental needs.

The agricultural industrial complex is the third biggest destroyer of the ecology. Producing huge surpluses of food in the advanced industrial nations, while imposing everlasting destruction on the ecosystem, the agricultural industrial complex foists hunger and starvation on billions of people in the developing world. Valuable fertile land in under-developed countries are sectioned off from local food production to feed instead the needs of the agricultural industrial complex in the developed world. The mainstay of this complex is the consumption of fuel on a vast scale and the continuous, ever increasing use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers which take an incalculable toll on the natural environment.

Capitalism and imperialism ensure that eighty percent of the world’s resources are consumed by the developed world, and denies the fundamentals of life to the majority of the world population. The irrational and destructive needs of capitalism destroy the planet’s ecology while continuing its assault on the people of the third world through war, starvation, disease, ecocide and death.

The ideological brainwashing that is the mainstay of the waste production and environmental destruction of capitalism is presented by the fourth biggest polluter on the planet: the mass-media entertainment complex. The increasing dumbing-down of the masses in the developed world comes through the mass-media, and the entertainment industry ensures compliance and obedience to the culture and merchants of death and destruction.